Sales Rep : Convenience/Gas : Full:time/Days Job - Hurricane

Sales Rep : Convenience/Gas : Full:time/Days Job — Hurricane

Ad details

Acts as the primary store:level sales person to smaller accounts like Convenience and Gas Stores, Drug Stores, etc. Position has multiple accounts which are visited daily during the week and orders product to be delivered by another employee to the store within 48 hours. Responsible for generating sales by engaging in and overseeing all aspects of customer service, including, ongoing rotation and stocking of product on the shelves and displays, in coolers, vending equipment, and customers backrooms, as well as, building displays and setting up promotional materials such as pricing signs and banners. Has frequent interaction with store management. This position requires lifting/carrying cases weighing from 25 : 45 pounds repeatedly over 10:12 hour period. Also requires standing, walking, reaching, and squatting while merchandising product. No more than one moving violation (anything other than parking) within the past 12 months


* Develop all assigned accounts relative to sales volume, market share, product distribution, space allocation, and customer service
* Solicit new business to increase volume and new package distribution within the area boundaries
* Sell and execute promotions, solicit placement of equipment and sell sufficient product inventory
* Utilize point:of:purchase materials to stimulate sales
* Generate selling opportunities by maintaining and increasing shelf facings, cleaning shelving and rotating product
* Provide excellent service to assigned accounts; create and maintain goodwill with all customers
* Merchandise product sections and build displays to stimulate sales
* Complete required paperwork in an accurate and timely manner maintaining legibility


Basic Qualifications

* 18 years or older
* Pass the drug test
* Pass the background check
* Must have car or personal transportation to access multi:store locations within assigned shift
* Valid drivers license
* Proof of insurance


* Serving customers (for example, resolving customer issues, ensuring appropriate communication with store managers, or following up on customer requests)
* Merchandising products (for example, filling shelves, building displays, making products look attractive, rotating products, cleaning shelves, or eliminating out of stocks and out of date products)
* Placing product orders (for example, taking inventory or calling in orders)
* Making sales calls and selling products (for example, introducing new products, launching promotions, establishing new points of distribution in existing accounts, or making deals)
* Working for a retail businesses or grocery stores (for example, understanding store operations, knowing backroom/inventory management, or understanding how shelves are stocked)
* Managing accounts (for example, meeting targets in sales, execution and service, identifying opportunities to improve the account, or growing sa